We provide specialty technology services focused on enterprise architecture and software development. Come to us to improve the performance and reliability of a problem application, to implement the Next Big Thing, or for whatever else requires creative solutions and meticulous detail.

Our consulting team comprises senior engineers and architects skilled in development, QA, performance, and automation, along with seasoned project managers and analysts. With deep expertise in a broad range of technologies, we look forward to tackling your toughest challenges and setting your team up for continued success.

Software Development

Whether you are a tech startup seeking extra help to make your app ready for launch, or you are a Fortune 500 company looking to add an edge to your development team, we can help. We provide experienced technology leaders who will spearhead the best way forward for your business.

Our software engineers, developers and project managers specialize in sophisticated enterprise-grade applications. Tailored for each client, our process and methodology adheres to best practices to achieve superior results.

Blockchain Solutions

As core maintainers for the Hyperledger Sawtooth project, we are uniquely capable of helping your business navigate this emerging technology. We can help you build, deploy, and run domain-specific distributed databases across a peer-to-peer network, or deploy custom smart contracts to existing networks. Rely on our expertise to take advantage of the unique opportunities this revolutionary technology offers.

Some previous blockchain applications built by our team:

Architecture Consulting

Invite us to make your business technologies current, agile, and stable. We can review your existing architecture policies and procedures, and provide candid feedback. We will guide you on what you’re doing well and identify areas to strengthen and improve with the best, most relevant new and emerging technologies. From performance testing to big data analytics to API design, our team of seasoned specialists will objectively guide you on what’s best for your business.

High Performance Computing

With deep roots in Linux systems administration and automation, we understand HPC cluster deployment and management inside and out. Our experts are ready to handle every detail, including scaling, customized boot, and tool design, so you can maximize the reliability, security and value of your cluster.